Upcoming Training

Okay, everyone!!!  January is almost over and we are hitting the 2nd month of the year!  And yet again, this month has just flown by!  I wonder how many of us have actually gone back to that list we made at the beginning of the year and compared it to where we are now.  I know I haven’t.  To be honest, I am terrified because I know I am still far from achieving the target BUT we still have 11 months to go so there is still hope!
But anyway, this post is not about that!  Here is a snapshot of the next set of courses coming up at the link below:

And yes!  We have given you AMPLE notice so you can prepare for them.  

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Our Training Courses

Hello and welcome to UrChoice Ventures LTD.

Come 17th of February 2020, we would be holding one-week training on the following courses:

  • Soap Making (Liquid and Tablet)
  • Makeup & Gele
  • Organic Soap
  • Bag Making
  • Turbans & Fascinator
  • Body Cream Mixing
  • Wig Making
  • Nail Eyes Lashes
  • Pedicure & Facial
  • Cake & Small Chop
  • Business Management

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